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Founded in 1990, the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based organization that is an active force in bringing new business and development into Morrisville.  Located in the White Ventures Chamber Building on Town Hall Drive, the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the continued growth and prosperity of Morrisville and Wake County.

Mission and Goals


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The Morrisville Chamber of Commerce's mission is to promote business, enhance economic and community development while serving as a champion for improving the overall quality of life in the region.


The Chamber's foundation, the Morrisville Innovation Foundation, focuses on community. Its mission is to provide the building blocks for economic development, entrepreneurship and civic engagement.


How does the Chamber deliver value to our customers?

  • Build a better business climate in Morrisville
  • Connect members to potential new business
  • Educate members on how to operate more effectively


How does the Foundation build economic prosperity?

  • Market Morrisville as THE location of choice for business
  • Support high-growth, high-impact businesses located in Morrisville


How does the Foundation build a sense of community?

  • Produce East Meets West
  • Create Leadership Morrisville


How does the Chamber and Foundation have the funds to execute the mission?

  • Increase sponsorships with packaging and build programs that attract sponsorships
  • Increase Chamber membership by attracting new members and retaining existing members
  • Increase Chamber non-dues revenue
  • Apply for grants for the Foundation
  • Continue contract for services for the Foundation’s economic development program with the Town of Morrisville


To satisfy our customers, what processes do the Chamber and Foundation need to excel?

  • Execute effective communications through website, newsletters, social media, mailings and advertising
  • Maintain excellent financial operations with timely, accurate reports and audits
  • Document processes
  • Seek out partnership to reduce the cost of doing business


How do the Chamber and Foundation staff and volunteers improve to better serve our customers?

  • Implement feedback system for members, investors and stakeholders
  • Provide connections for the Board
  • Provide training opportunities for all staff to develop skills, leadership and market knowledge
  • Invest in tools to make jobs more productive