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Committees and Volunteer Opportunities


Are you interested in becoming more involved in the Chamber? Are your particularly passionate about community involvement? Do you want to lend your expertise to elevate the organization? If so, you might consider joining a committee, task force or council. With varying responsibilities, time commitments and missions, there is an opportunity that is a perfect fit for you and will be sure to align with your goals.    


Morrisville Chamber of Commerce committees, task forces, and councils serve as operating systems of the Chamber, representing member opinion in decision making. The various opportunities the Chamber has to offer are described below.


To learn more about our volunteer opportunities, contact Lauren Umbdenstock. Ready to get started? Complete the volunteer application and we'll be in touch soon to discuss your interests.

Ambassador Committee


Purpose: Ambassadors are volunteers who assist in growing the Chamber's membership through recruitment efforts, welcome our Chamber’s newest members, assist in retaining our current members and encourage meaningful participation and involvement in Chamber programs. These individuals, while representing their own business, also represent, assist, and promote the Morrisville Chamber.


Ideal Candidates: Candidates should have a passion for involvement and an understanding of the Chamber’s mission and inherent value. This also includes but is not limited to the programs and events the Chamber offers. Ambassadors must have been involved in the Chamber for at least 1 year before admittance into the program.


Business Advisory Council


Purpose: The Business Advisory Council serves as a forum to provide essential input and advisement to the content the Chamber provides for various programs. The make-up of the council offers a variety of experiences and opinions from different sectors of business and industry. The strength, knowledge, and expertise of the members will serve to advance the Chamber’s relevance to the business community.  


Ideal Candidates: Candidates are in sales, business development or outreach roles that have a pulse on the current business climate.


Communications Task Force


Purpose: The Communications Task Force purpose is to advise the Chamber on practical ways to increase our communications with a focus on three areas: target audiences, cohesive content and messaging, and the efficacy of a variety of communication tools and channels.


Ideal Candidate: Candidates must be in marketing, public relations, or communications role at their company or work for a business in the marketing, public relations, or communications industry. Must also be an expert in your line of work with adequate professional experience.


Developers Council


Purpose: The Developers’ Council fosters open and productive dialogue between the business community, the development community, the Morrisville Chamber, the Town of Morrisville and the Morrisville Town Council. This group meets quarterly to discuss a variety of development issues and opportunities here in Morrisville.   


Ideal Candidate: Candidates should represent or work in fields of commercial/residential development, commercial/residential construction, engineering, project management, economic development, public policy or advocacy. People currently working on development projects with the Town of Morrisville are highly encouraged to participate. 

East Meets West Committee


Purpose: The East Meets West Festival celebrates the cultural diversity of Morrisville through food, music and performing arts.


Ideal Candidate: Candidates are interested in community outreach and communicating Morrisville’s unique cultural makeup. This committee is hands-on and requires dedication to the cause. 


Click here to learn more about this year's East Meets West Festival.


Economic Development Committee


Purpose: The purpose of this committee is to oversee activities of the Town’s economic development program. The committee will consider economic development initiatives that fit within the approved economic development program that can be jointly implemented by the Town and Chamber, with a strategic focus on, but not limited to: existing business and industry support, business recruitment, small business/entrepreneurial development, downtown development, sports development, travel and tourism development and business park development.

The Town of Morrisville has a contractual agreement with the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce. Under the terms of this agreement, the Town provides funding to the Morrisville Chamber and the Chamber is responsible for implementing the economic development action plan, which includes the development of a business plan and budget. The business plan addresses action plan implementation, strategic planning, product development, and internal marketing and incorporates action steps, timelines, and estimated funding.


Ideal Candidate: Professionals working in fields related to economic development initiatives. Please contact Sarah Gaskill directly to discuss your participation in detail. 


Knowledgeable Network of Women (KNOW) Committee


Purpose: The KNOW Committee serves to support our quarterly luncheons which provide professional development and networking opportunities for women in business. The series features four luncheons with either a keynote speaker or panel of experts on a variety of topics.  

Ideal Candidate: Candidates are women in business who see the value of uplifting fellow women and advocating for their success.


Morrisville Start Up Committee / HOTTovation Mentors

Purpose: The Morrisville Start Up Committee focuses on building a support community for start up and emerging businesses across a variety of industries. The committee's broad initiative includes planning and executing networking and information-sharing events with an educational component targeted to entrepreneurs. The HOTTovation program is a startup “percolator” program charged with coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs with innovative and cutting-edge technologies. Given Morrisville’s resources and talent experienced in the life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and high-technology industries, HOTTovation was designed to support entrepreneurs developing the technology of tomorrow.


Ideal Candidate: Candidates are individuals with deep industry, investment, or entrepreneurship experience. Committee members and/or Mentors work with the entrepreneurs pro bono, without expectation of reward or compensation, will share their knowledge and guidance freely, and will open their networks when appropriate. As HOTTovation entrepreneurs work with their mentors over the course of the program, the entrepreneurs are expected to reach pre-designated milestones and engage in networking and study activities designed to give the entrepreneur’s business a solid foundation. Mentors help guide the entrepreneur's through the exploratory process and assist in holding them accountable to deadlines and milestones.


Interested in our programs and initiatives to support start up companies or volunteering to help early-stage entrepreneurs? Visit Morrisville Innovation Foundation to learn more.

The following are general committee and task force guidelines:


  • One representative per company may serve on each committee.
  • Committee members must be employed by an active member of the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce in good standing.  Non-members are not permitted to serve on any committees.
  • Terms for committee members are typically (2) years, in an effort to allow for a variety of engagement from our member firms.
  • Sponsoring companies will always be permitted to have representatives on the committee and do not have to adhere to the two (2) year term. Sponsor companies have the authority to appoint the representative of their choice.
  • A Task Force is a particular group established to work on a single defined task or activity. Task forces are typically formed on an as-needed basis and dissolved as soon as the particular task is completed.
  • Subcommittees may be utilized and are defined as follows:
    • A subcommittee is a subdivision of the larger committee that considers specified matters and reports back to the full committee. Subcommittees are responsible to and work within the guidelines established by their parent committees.
    • Although members, where applicable, are required to be a part of a subcommittee, not all subcommittee members must attend parent committee meetings.
    • The subcommittee chair is responsible for reporting back to the group and attending parent committee meetings.
    • Subcommittees are great opportunities for those that want to be involved but cannot commit to attending regular meetings.